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  2. Hello what happen to the server ? I was one of the unlucky person who got caught by covid19 and after i got healed. like yesterday. i decided to open my laptop. and now its not working, may i asked what happen or what should i do ?
  3. Hello Ive been playing levRO for a week now. Ive noticed something when I start farming sphinx dg, orc dg. There are certain items that I cannot pickup for no reasons. I am using AndRO while playing. Flameheart, book of devil, undershirt are specifically the items i cannot pick. It shows failed to get item. Pls fix this!
  4. Just want to show some tips on how to solo high tier MVPs like Wounded Morroc, Valkyrie Randgris and Ifrit. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUUD2r-JZU6pGOq6ZyY4vNw
  5. TEAM MVP RUSH CHALLENGE EVENT When: Wednesday August 26, 2020 Time: 7:00pm Start Streamer:Tabs Requirements: Gather 6 Members Players Create Partyname: 4 to 5 Letters or numbers only Should the same GUILD Register your Party here: forum.leviathan-ro.com https://forum.leviathan-ro.com/index.php?/topic/121-teammvprushchallenge/ cutoff of August 23, 2020 Sunday 12:50Am midnight Partyname: Ingame Name: and Jobs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Rules: Bring Your All Items and Tokens. No Repeating JOBS 25 mins Limit per team MAP: Special Hunting Ground Summon at once Heavyweight MVP Monsters such as, 1.Valkyrie 2.Wounded Morroc 3.Ifrit 4.Fallen Bishop 5.Gloom Undernight Prize: for TEAM. Not Individual Prize: Team MVP RUSH Champion - 3x Cursed Baphomet Doll, 1x Large Baphoment Horn,1000 Lro Coins, 500 Event Ticket 2nd Runner Up - 1x Cursed Baphoment Doll, 2x Flying Evil Wing, 500 Lro Coins, 350 Event Ticket 3rd Runner Up - 1x Anubis Helm, 1x 250 Lro Coins, 250 Event Ticket Consolation - 100 Event Ticket per team who registered
  6. I cant open the file it saying about missing MSVCR100.dll was not found.. Need help how to fix this for me to play... Thanks
  7. Greetings levians, I am really sorry for late updates on our server. But i will be active again to updates. For the mean time we have some updates here are some updates. July Digest Changes Newbie Package Released. Shoes Headgear Garment Armor Weapon Swordsman Weapon Mage Weapon Archer Weapon Acolyte Weapon Merchant Weapon Thief Weapon Gungslinger Weapon Ninja When you talk to the freebies npc in starting point it will give you this lists. I totally update the old description to correct description of some items. Corrected stats base on rms. New Savepoints and npc on Alberta Island Healer Kafra Pvp Changed Changed the party sharing checks to avoid unnecessary SQL queries. Disabled the `@refresh` commands during NPC conversations, causing the character to be stuck on an invisible NPC dialog until relogging. Fixed Fixed an issue in the Sealed Shrine script, allowing to unseal multiple Baphomets under certain conditions. Fixed an issue that allowed an appropriately created party to enable experience sharing even if outside the sharing range. Corrected the cooldown after killing Wounded Morroc. Corrected `isequipped()` and `isequippedcnt()` to correctly handle costume equipment. NOTE: Add slot all headgear except Scorpio Diadem 5677 and Virgo Diadem 5599 (reason slotted Already ) NOTE: Script bug RMS 5663 { bonus bDex,3; },{},{} NOTE: Script bug RMS 5740 { bonus bDex,2; bonus bMdef,3; },{},{} NOTE: Script bug RMS 5677 { bonus bDex,2; },{},{} This update will be updated once server restarted. For now on i will update all of things every 2weeks.
  8. check sound settings kung naka open
  9. may mali nga @[GM] Palk check please may
  10. Tomas

    Mang Tomas

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  11. Greetings levians, This is some patch update on leviathan RO. ~List. Newbie package done Freebies lvl requirements. Bowman event ticket on usable event npc. Costume head crusher fix description and the effect. New equipment cash shop BG shop to be release. Bg event TBA FIXING BUG Guild aliance max to 3 Guild prizes 80 lro 10 event tickets UFC ARENA ( JOB VS JOB ) TBA Claim your reward giver items extra* More to come.
  12. GM bakit po +1 lang add na attack nung Libra diadem parang mali po ata description pa fix naman po kung mali
  13. Walang skills sounds pero kumpleto naman ung BGM
  15. Thank you for posting this we are going to check about this.
  16. Good day GM Suggest ko lang po na add kayo ng quest item na yung mga requirements is drop by MVP like fire dragon scale at mga BATO like peridot biotite etc. For more hunting Thanks in advance
  17. How to Get silver coins?
  18. Greetings levians, This is our patch note for this week. for our dear players. Nydhogg problem crash. Done hotfix Egg chance rate revamp. Done. add new MVP items shop. add new item in Event NPC usable. Migration items Done ready. New items on mvp shop Upcoming 2x exp monsters Newbie group items rework. whosell revamp added a timer white dot location timer mdef cap from 99 to 70. -We need to adjust the cap of mdef to have more strategic gameplay on us. Item revamp UPG Item. Armors Upg Thief Clothes ( When reach +8 Add + 3 agi ) Upg Coat ( When reach +8 Add + 3 dex ) Upg Mail ( When reach +8 Add + 3 str ) Upg Suit ( When reach +98Add + 3 Luk ) Upg Saint Robe ( When reach +8 Add +3 Vit ) Upg Tights ( None ) Npc known bug. Viewer Spin. Upcoming reworks. Future revamp autoskill Hairstyle NPC QUEST
  19. [GM] Palk


    Please update your netframework 4.5
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