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  1. Using Premium Reset Stone to Reset Stats
  2. Level 3: C.Eremes Guiles (HIT+3) ID:40149 C.Crimson Booster (HIT+3) ID:40148 C.Analyze Eye (HIT+3) ID:40253 C.Vampire's Familiar (HIT+3) ID:40009 C.Fallen Angel Blessing (HIT+3) ID:40028 C.Happy Peace Proof (HIT+3) Id: 19762 C.Mouse Hat (HIT+3) Id: 20000 C.Frozen Rose (HIT+3) Id: 20235 C.Coiledup Snake Hat (HIT+3) Id: 20110 C.Leopard Ear Hat (HIT+3) ID:20196 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- C.Rainbow Wing Ear (ATK+3) ID:40116 C.King Sura Headband (ATK+3) ID:40025 C.Nekomimi Cyber Headphone (ATK+3) C.Bloody Stop Bandage (ATK+3) ID:40014 C.Eremes Scarf Red (ATK+3) ID:20405 C.Eleanor Wig (ATK+3) ID:40067 C.Gods Helm (ATK+3) ID:40075 C.Piamette Hood (ATK+3) ID:19883 C.Sorcerer Hood (MATK+3) ID:40106 C.Book Of Magic (MATK+3) ID:40074 C.Clock of Casket (MATK+3) ID:40069 C.Headdress (MATK+3) ID:40085 C.Nydhoggur Wig (MATK+3) ID:40115 C.Grim Reaper Protection (MATK+3) ID:40272 C.Taboo Curse Scroll (MATK+3) ID:19805 C.Honeybee Hat (MATK+3) ID:19772 C.Campus Festival (MATK+3) Id: 19664 C.Angel Guidance (MDEF+3) ID:40260 C.Ghostring Tall Hat (MDEF+3) ID:40008 C.Angelring Hat (MDEF+3) ID:40021 C.Crown of Strawberry Price (MDEF+3) ID:40110 C.Elder Crown (MDEF+3) ID:40094 C.Sky of Memory (MDEF+3) ID:40109 C.Amistr Beret (MDEF+3) Id: 20197 C.Happy Summer Ribbon (MDEF+3) Id: 20122 C.Pink Clover (MDEF+3) Id: 20259 C.Music Decoration (MDEF+3) ID:40275 C.Misty Ears (MDEF+3) ID:20198 C.Cat Ear Hat White (ASPD+2) ID:40073 C.Barons Evil Eye (ASPD+2) ID:40250 C.Lightning Speed (ASPD+2) ID:40117 C.Cat Ears Hat (ASPD+2) ID:40048 C.Heart Wing Hairband (ASPD+2) ID:19573 C.Hat of Flame (ASPD+2) Id: 19934 C.Love Fragment (ASPD+2) Id: 20022 C.Mythical Baphomet (ASPD+2) ID:40081 C.Snow Rabbit Knit Hat (HP+100) ID:40096 C.White and Black Temptation (HP+100) ID:40046 C.Hoplite Helmet (HP+100) ID:40017 C.Light Darkness Crown (HP+100) Id: 19751 C. Rising Black Dragon (HP+100) Id: 19575 C.Rainbow Poring Hat (HP+100) ID:19676 C.Jolly Roger Hat (HP+100) ID:20109 C.Poring Soap Pipe (CRIT+3) ID:40030 C.Black Cat Hood (CRIT+3) ID:40045 C.Knit Cap Of Water (CRIT+3) Id: 19936 C.Sleep Eclipse Family (CRIT+3) ID:20268 C.Seraph Wing Helm (CRIT+3) ID:40254 C.Brown Stole (EXP+5%) ID:40010 C.Stall Bat (EXP+5%) ID:40013 C.KarduEars (FLEE+3) ID:40112 C.Rune Helm (FLEE+3) ID:40070 C.Tomboy Fairy (FLEE+3) Id: 19776 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 2: C.Necklace Rosary(L) (STATS:DEF+2) ID:40026 C.Aura Quartz (DEF+2) ID:40091 C.Note Headphone (STATS:DEF+2) ID:40126 C.Pig Nose(L) (STATS:DEF+2) ID:40057 Def: 2 C.Baseball Cap (STATS:HIT+2) ID:5147 C.Talkactive Parrot(L) (STATS:HIT+2) ID:40068 C.Drooping Domovoi (STAT:HIT+2) ID:40113 C.Mad Hatter (STATS:HIT+2) ID:40062 C.Scratching Cat (HIT+2) Id: 20195 C.Side Cap (STATS:MDEF+2) ID:40027 C.Umbala Spirit(L) (MDEF+2) ID:40061 C.Drooping Aliot (STATS:MDEF+2) ID:40125 C.Dog Ears(M) (STATS:FLEE+2) ID:40082 C.Mechanical Feather Hairband (FLEE+2) ID:40258 C.Teddy Bear Hood (STAT:FLEE+2) ID:40072 C.Oliver Wolf Hood (STATS:FLEE+2) ID:40131 C.Red Bowtie(L) (MATK+2) ID:40071 C.Chilly Breath (STATS:MATK+2) ID:40104 C.Survival Circlet (STATS:MATK+2) ID:40063 C.Pretty Bear (STATS:MATK+2) ID:40058 C.Puppy Grass (stats: MATK+2) ID:20193 C.Fox Ears Ribbon (STAT:ATK+2) ID:40256 C.Bunny Ears (STATS:ATK+2) ID:40083 C.Assasssin Skull Mask (STATS:ATK+2) ID:40019 C.Lord of Death (STATS:ATK+2) ID:40129 C.Devoted Eyes (Stats: Atk+2) ID:19787 C.Hunting Cap Of Gust (stats: ATK+2) ID:19935 C.Black Shiba Inu Hat (STATS:CRIT+2) ID:40047 C.Fox Ears (CRIT+2) ID:40084 C.BLue Rear Ribbon(L) (STATS:CRIT+2) ID:40066 C.Quati Hat (STATS:HP+50) ID:40059 C.Pet Cat (STATS:EXP+3%) ID:40002 C.Magical Feather (STATS:EXP+3%) ID:40064 C.Long Tongue (stats: EXP 3%) ID:20169 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 1: C.AFK Hat [0] (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40297 C.Party Recruiter Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40298 C.Bf Recruiter Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40300 C.Gf Recruiter Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40301 C.Long Pony (Red) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40049 C.Long Pony (Yellow) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40050 C.Long Pony (Green) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40051 C.Long Pony (Black) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40052 C.Long Pony (White) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40053 C.Long Pony (Crimson) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40054 C.Long Pony (Purple) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40055 C.Sleeping Cat Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40257 C.Long Pony (Blue) (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40011 C.Friend Recruiter Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40304 C.Elephant Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40056 C.Guildsman Recruiter Hat (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40303 C.Indian feather headband (STATS:DEF+1) ID:40016 C.Luxury Mini Crown (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40018 C.Rainbow (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40133 C.Rain Cloud (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40135 C.Taini Hat Blue (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40087 C.Taini Hat Orange (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40088 C.Taini Hat Green (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40089 C.Blue Magic Hat (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40020 C.Galanthus Guard (STATS:MDEF+1) ID:40097 C.Ribbon Chef Hat (STATS:HIT+1) ID:40023 C.Dragon Skull (STATS:HIT+1) ID:40103 C.Gryphon Hat (STATS:HIT+1) ID:19537 C.General Helmet (STATS:HP+50) ID:40102 C.Valkyrie_Helm (STATS:HP+50) ID:40130 C.Lightning Cloud (STATS:FLEE+1) ID:40134 C.Santa Poring Hat (STATS:FLEE+1) ID:40302 C.Angelic Chain (STATS:FLEE+1) ID:40132 C.Lunatic Hat (STATS:FLEE+1) ID:40092 C.Valkyrie Feather Band (STATS:MATK+1) ID:40127 C.Sitting Pope (STATS:MATK+1) ID:40107 C.Dark Knight Mask (STATS:ATK+1) ID:40100 C.N95 Mask (STATS:EXP+1%) ID:40294 C.Butterflywing Ears (STATS:EXP+1%) ID:20039
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