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  1. Here's my simple (yet effective) leveling guide. For new and old players, 1-12, Training Grounds 12-50 Payon Dungeon F1, F2, F3 (Or 60, if you feel like you're fine with the exp rate) (If you have a bowman) 12-84 Moscovia 1 (I personally recommend this because you don't have to attack. You just have to look for a spot so that your Bowman would kill all of the Wood Goblin, Les, Mantis, and Poporing in sight. You just have to be cautious with the Mantis because, they are aggressive. And if you are still low level, it could 1 shot you and you will lose a bowman. (You can AFK here up to 99, you just have to get a fire weapon by typing @autoattack). How to go there? You can simply ask a acolyte/priest/monk/High Priest/Champion to warp you there, or you could quest it at Alberta. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Finding_The_Moving_Island_Quest 85-99 Anubis A tough leveling spot. BUT, if you have a friend who is a Priest or any job that can leech you, ask them. If not, I suggest getting Fire and Water weapons. (Silver Arrows too).It's easier to level now at Anubis since it is a non-PK map. (Finally!) If you're feeling rich and you want to spend all of your money to reach max level, find a leeching service at THOR. This area has tons of exp because all of the mobs there are big buffed mini bosses(Excluding the Fire Imp and the Poporing). If you are wiling to leech yourself at Thor, here are some item tips for Thor leeching Budget one (The one that I personally use) Ship Captain Hat [1] Robo Eye Gangster Scarf +10 Composite Bow [2 Vadon Card, 2 Peco Peco Egg Card] +4 Tights of Ifrit [Pasana card] +7 Immune Wool Scarf [Raydic Card] (you can put Jakk card if you like) +7 Green Tidal Shoes [Matyr Card] for HP + a little bit of Agi On Accessories, I use Teleport Clip Nimble Glove By this item set, your damage could reach at least 8k w/full buffs. If without True Sight, it will be around 5-6k. If you want to farm for Orleans Glove (OG) while leeching, you should try saving up for +10 Triple Liberation Titan Composite Bow [3ak Cards, 1 Minorous Card] and keep your agility high. (Flee Rate matters!) So that's it for my leveling guide, Good luck, Have fun!
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