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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings Leviathan players, This is our update for this week, we are planning to have new more updates on upcoming weeks to have a better gameplay. Viewer Spin (Special Ticket) What can obtain on Viewer Spin 3x Elite Siege Box 5x Blue Potion Box 5x Light Potion Box 5x Token of Siegfrid 5x Event Ticket 3x HE Bubble Gum 2x Miracle Tonic 2x Field Manual 300% C.Cherry Blossom Hat C.Gryphon Wing Ears You can locate the npc of Viewer spin on aldebaran, -------------------------------------------------- ITEM:Revamp of egg. -Changes and added Refined Brocca Box Refined Ballista Box Refined Mailbreaker Box Refined Survival Rod Box Refined Sword Breaker Box Infiltrator Box Kaiser Knuckle Box Executioner Box Refined Pole Axe Box Removed He gum Removed BBgum NPC:Dice event fixed. MISC:We deside to increase mic cost 1 to 3 cash points. ITEM:Disable of Wing Of Butterfly inside our pvp. NPC:Hourly shop adjusted-Hourly points food buffs/Scrolls. INFORMATION ABOUT LOVE ARROW: The npc will be there until june 30,2020 The hunting ground of event anopeles is until june 27,2020. After june 27 2020 anopeles will no longer drop materials. but you can still create the item until June 30,2020 Spawn rate of anopheles increase for 1 day. June 25,2020 Shower gathering information There is gathering event June 20,2020 9PM in IZLUDE. The shower gathering & reward npc will be available on our 4th monthsary June 25,2020 9PM Mark the date and time.
  2. Upcoming to expect update, We already implement messagefilter, and nobroadcast command in game it will applied on next maintenance. Message filter usage Nobroadcast usage Client Fix Autoattack and autoskill no longer detected as bot will implemented next patch. Skill on PvP maps We remove greed skill restriction on pvp maps so you can use this skill next maintenance. Upgrade items is here. Increase Mob spawn by x2 Bow Guardian x2 from 5x to 10x spawn every 30minutes Sword Guardian x2 from 5x to 10x spawn every 30minutes Duneyrr x3 from 2x to 6x spawn rate MISC Update Monster Remove of Anopeles (event) monster in prontera field NPC Bolton is until June 30,2020 only. ITEM Costume Misty Ears description corrected Green Incense is tradable now. Costume Mouse Hat is now tradable Gold can bought in v4p shop. Event Npc:(Morroc) Usable added Kafra,Esb,Light potion,(White and Blue) Reprice of egg on mvp 350 voucher to 120 cash shop new egg (Upcoming items) inside. Cash shop items Wait for the descriptions. UPCOMING UPDATE: Newbie Package ticket. Contains of set of items that able to claim. More information about next update once we done working on it.
  3. Greetings Levians, I would like to list our updates for June 6,2020. -Note: If you found bugs/suggestion fix please do pm us or on page. SERVER UPDATES. XPRO Release Updated version. -v3.9 Ios and Android is now available on xpro version 3.9 updated version Note once you download this application it will be automatically update the version if there is a update on mobile. Special Status Icons Emergency Call Cooldown icon Pneuma icon Bragi icon Don't forget me icon Assassin of the Sunset icon Apple of the idun icon -Usable Icons Water weapon elemental icon Earth weapon elemental icon Wind weapon elemental icon Shadow weapon elemental icon Fire weapon elemental icon Read and view here status info. Anti-cheat for no delay users. Installed adelays protection up to date. To avoid nodelay cheats in WoE if something broke gepard. Monster Update list. Zerom Increase Spawn Rate x2. Abyssmal Knight Spawn Rate x2. Marc Spawn Rate x2. Egg Update We rework the Eggs so we changed food to much better items Balistar box Skewer Box Brood Axe Box Bloody Roar Box Cutlas Box Kaiser Knuckle Box Hardback Box Mighty Staff Box Muramasa Box HE Bubble Gum Bubble Gum Update on Angel Scroll and Devil Scroll Costume Happy Summer Ribbon (RARE) Costume Fallen Angel (RARE) Cash shop June Update Stats items!. HIT +3 -C.Evil Druid Hat -C.Devil Whisper -C.Ladys Feather Hat MDEF +3 -C.Loki Nidhoggour -C.Shelter Wings Ear -C.Aribian Veil FLEE +3 -C.Midas Whisper -C.Black Ramen Hat MATK +3 -C.St Patrick's Hat ATK +3 -Black Hand of Fate -C.Yellow Brain -C.Gryphon Hairband CRIT +3 -C.Black Rabbit Headband -C.Snownow Hat -C.Mythlit Hat MVP Shop Update. LevRO Devil, Angel, Buddha Egg can be Claimable thru mvp 350pcs Shop mvp added new items on it and more to come to next update so stay tuned! Freebies NPC -Add Pink wing on starting. Skill update Soul link to sonic blow 100% to 50% add damage. Abracadabra skill back to default MISC Update. ESB can sell now in npc. Light potion abuser is already fixed. Info corrected items. Rabbit Magic Hat (Corrected Stats) C.Eremes Scarf Red (Middle to Lower) C.Taboo Curse Scroll (Upper to Lower) Cat Beret (you can now add card) Disable for the meantime for rework. Gatcha Machine Event Added Poring catcher Every 2hours Dice Every 3hours (to be updated) Fixing LMS (to be updated) Fixing Novice vs Zombie (to be update) Run for your life (to be update) WoE Information Normal WoE. We are enabling WoE every Friday and Sunday Time Friday: 10AM - 11AM, Sunday 8PM to 9PM. About Agit lords we are preparing things to be good on launching this event. Date:June,2020
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