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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings levians, This is some patch update on leviathan RO. ~List. Newbie package done Freebies lvl requirements. Bowman event ticket on usable event npc. Costume head crusher fix description and the effect. New equipment cash shop BG shop to be release. Bg event TBA FIXING BUG Guild aliance max to 3 Guild prizes 80 lro 10 event tickets UFC ARENA ( JOB VS JOB ) TBA Claim your reward giver items extra* More to come.
  2. Upcoming to expect update, We already implement messagefilter, and nobroadcast command in game it will applied on next maintenance. Message filter usage Nobroadcast usage Client Fix Autoattack and autoskill no longer detected as bot will implemented next patch. Skill on PvP maps We remove greed skill restriction on pvp maps so you can use this skill next maintenance. Upgrade items is here. Increase Mob spawn by x2 Bow Guardian x2 from 5x to 10x spawn every 30minutes Sword Guardian x2 from 5x to 10x spawn every 30minutes Duneyrr x3 from 2x to 6x spawn rate MISC Update Monster Remove of Anopeles (event) monster in prontera field NPC Bolton is until June 30,2020 only. ITEM Costume Misty Ears description corrected Green Incense is tradable now. Costume Mouse Hat is now tradable Gold can bought in v4p shop. Event Npc:(Morroc) Usable added Kafra,Esb,Light potion,(White and Blue) Reprice of egg on mvp 350 voucher to 120 cash shop new egg (Upcoming items) inside. Cash shop items Wait for the descriptions. UPCOMING UPDATE: Newbie Package ticket. Contains of set of items that able to claim. More information about next update once we done working on it.
  3. Greetings Levians, This is our updates today june 13,2020 please read it carefully. We would like to announce a advance update for our server. Upcoming updates on June 12, 2020 What do you expect updates on June 12, 2020 Friday. DROP RATES UPDATE. Mavka Witherless Rose changed from 5% to 9%. Crystal Mirror changed from 75% to 45% Incubus Mastela Fruit changed from 75% to 45%. Gold Ring changed from 5% to 10%. Succubus Mastela Fruit changed from 75% to 45%. Diamond Ring changed from 12.5% to 5%. Violy Royal Jelly changed from 70% to 40%. Unsealed Baphomet Cursed Baphomet Doll from 5% to 1% Royal Jelly Drop from Enchanted Peach Tree changed from 16.70% to 20%. Aloe Leaflet Drop from Kapha changed from 100% to 65%. Drop from Green Iguana changed from 75% to 45%. Great Nature Drop from Sleeper changed from 75% to 45%. Reason. New Hunting ground system. Prepare your hunting sets, we are releasing a new event that requires to hunt a specific items. Monster : Anapoles (Event) Monster Spawn : Outside of Prontera field Drops should collecting a specific items. Straw Rice Bag 1% Field Shovel 75% Green Incense 50% New system protection will be added. Keyboard macro and mouse will be protected. New streamer item giveaway To be updated this week. New Items to be added. To be updated this week We are going to update this next week Quest area rework. We are aware that this one need to rework to process it. To have more competitive gameplay. Reset girl Free on level 1 to level 50 and if exceed to level 50 it will requires to pay Premium reset stone. Transcendent class is not included on free reset Rework of gatcha machine To be updated this week To follow update this week. Potion trader npc(Daily/Hourly shop) WoE white potion to blue potion 3:1 ratio. You can now view it on npc Daily/Hourly shop npc on Pots Trader. Sealed Shrine Quest Updates on BAPHOMET New skills of BAPHOMET list update. Skill added dispel in aggressive monster chance 60-80% Skill added grim reaper aggressive monster chance are 20% Still disable the npc of Rust Blackhand for creation of bapho horns reason? we have our own custom bapho horn creation in prontera shop Drop rate of bapho dolls 5% to 1% Events Added Dice Event (Every 3hours) 20x Ticket reward. Poring Catcher Event (Every 2hours) 10x Ticket reward Treasure chest Event (Every 1hour) 2x Ticket reward Skill Delay DS skill archer adjusted. Always visit this page. Maybe there is a new update that you will miss.
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